How To Shop & Ship ?

With us, see how easy it is to shop at your favorite brands and ship to your door step.

Register & Get free US address


Register & Get a FREE US address

We made registration simple and easy. You can start shopping right away with your personal shipping address from us. We designed some membership options to fit your shop & ship need:

  • Basic Free plan that is great for less frequent shoppers. you can still enjoy our discounted shipping fees with class A carriers.
  • Premium Plan, most popular, perfect for shoppers with frequent shipments. You can benefit from many value added services like consolidation and free storage.
  • Business Plan, enjoy longer storage period and earn an extra 10% off shipping rates when you achieve min $500 worth of shipping fees per month
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Shop from Your Favorite US Stores

You can now start shopping online at your favorite stores and ship your purchases to your new address from ShopiniWorld.

Great deals are available from US stores like Ralph Lauren, Amazon, and many others. And remember, no more TAX when you shop from the US and use our shipping address

Shop from Your Favorite US Stores
Consolidate & Save Money


Consolidate & Save Money

You will get notified every time we receive a package for you. you can then view your packages and manage them from your online account with us. you can select packages for consolidation and you can select some for immediate shipping as well.

Our system will notify you on the savings you would achieve when you opt for package or items consolidation. Enjoy the savings!


Ship with your favorite shipping

Select your preferred shipping method, relax, and let us handle it for you. We will notify you along the way and you will be able to track and trace your package until it arrives to your door step.

All you need to do is to decide on what to be shipped now and what to be consolidated, you can also ask us to add more services like having more photos before shipping, or adding more padding to packaging.

When you are ready, you can submit your order to us and we will follow your shipping instructions.

  • Select your favorite shipping company, or you can opt for “Ship with the cheapest” option and we will maximize your savings.
  • Determine which packages to consolidate so we can do the same and save your money.
  • You can also request for more items photos or add extra paddings in case it's needed.
Ship with your favorite shipping <br> company
Get it next to your door


Get it next to your door

You will get your packages delivered to you the way you wanted them to be delivered to you; So Fast. Our system will notify you and keep the flow of updates until the packages are delivered to you.

Also, our support team would there every step of the way to answer any question you may have. All you need to do at this stage is to relax and enjoy the delivery surprise.