Privacy Policy was registered in the US under XXXXXXXX. At we are committed to protecting the user's privacy when he/she visits our website located at Therefore, we have put together this privacy policy in order to allow all our site visitors, members, or non-members, understand our policy and how we are going to treat the personal information we gather from them while browsing our site, or when you register for any of our membership packages stated on our site.

To that end, we at will process all data gathered in a lawful manner. Our privacy policy will apply on any data shared by our customers at the registration page, or any data that has to do with any shipment routed transaction when the customer is already a member and has a virtual address from ShopiniWorld and they used that address to direct all their shipments when checking out from any website.

This policy will explain how collects data, where do we use it, how do we protect it, and with who do we share it.

Data Collection

What data do we collect from our site visitors or members?
Data We collect:

  • Personal information:

This will include Customer's name, his/her contact details, his/her shipping address, his/her billing address, and other data.

We collect some of your personal data when you visit our site and when you fill the registration forms to become a member, or when you fill the contact us form to send us an inquiry, or when you become a member and provide us info about your purchases or further instruction on where we should deliver all your orders. We also might collect data about your online browsing behavior while you are on our websites such as the pages you visit, the time you spend on them, and your overall behavior analysis. When you agree to our terms of use, you provide ShopiniWorld your explicit consent to use, process, store and analyze your data.

We also collect personal data whenever you choose to apply for a job on our website.  We usually collect your personal data and many more about your past employment careers, current employer, and may more personal data to allow us to understand and better evaluate your job application.

  • Non-Personal Information:

Non-personal data would include browsing data that includes information about your browsing engine, operating system, your IP address & location, the domain names of your computer, the time and date of any action you make on the website, the tools and applications you used to submit your requests to the server, and so on. We use this kind of data to improve our website technologies and performance so we can provide all our visitors and members with a frictionless online experience.

It may also include information that we collect by means of small text files that we usually call “Cookies”. Information we might collect here may vary from your unique ID code which allows us to track and trace your browsing activities within the website, for behavior analysis or advertising purposes. Cookies might also be coming from a 3rd party website, which may be stored on your personal computer for different periods of time. These are called session cookies which are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Another kind of cookies is called persistent cookies which will remain on your personal computer or any device you use until their expiration period passes. 

Customer Consent

By visiting, you agree and consent to this Privacy Policy. We urge you that in case you find this policy unfair to the relationship and in case you don’t agree to any or all its terms and conditions, you may not use the Website. We always reserve the rights to change any clause or all clauses of this policy and at any time without prior notice. All changes are effective when they get published on our site and made available for the users to go through. shall notify and circulate any change we make to this policy to all our customers at all times. If the customer chooses to continue using our site after we change the terms and conditions of our policy, he/she consent to the new changes and to the overall policy.

Data Usage:

How does ShopiniWorld use your personal & Non-Personal data collected when using our website?

  • We will process and use the data we collect as per below:
  • We might share data with affiliated companies or other trusted businesses or persons who work on behalf of or with
  • To manage the business relationship with you
  • To deliver your packages cross borders to your home country. And this involves the transfer of your data to other business partners and government entities, this would include, but not limited to Customs, line-haul partners, last-mile delivery partners, our cross border entities providing other customer service and support activities.
  • We will use the data to improve your customer experience on the site.
  • We might use your data when in response to requests from any government official or in response to requests concerning to any law enforcement for any reason, court orders, or with regards to any legal process, or to exercise our legal rights or defend against any legal claims.
  • We use your data to process the payments you make on our website when paying for the shipping charges, customs duties, or for membership or any other payments transactions
  • We might use your data to protect the security and integrity of our Website
  • We may use data to make sure you are updated about all our future services and updates
  • We might use your data to analyse our website performance, to profile your interests and preferences in order to create a better customer experience and improve our products and services
  • We will use your data to fulfil the purpose it was provided for
  • We will not at all use your data in order to sell it, or share it with any other outside company that is not affiliated with us or not part of our group.
  • We might use your data to conduct e-mail marketing activities
  • We will be using your data for any other purpose with your consent

Personal Data Retention

We would like to inform all our members that their personal data that we collect through the registration, payment, shipping, or via any form or email that we receive from our members, will not be stored for longer than the time needed to achieve the purpose for which it was collected for. Exceptions may occur but will have our customer’s consent and approval on any data retention extension.