Why Choose Us ?

ShopiniWorld has extensive industry expertise of global package delivery. Our Mission is one that aims at providing all our global customers with happy and joyful delivery experience at all times. Here are some of the services you get when you deal with us:

Discounted Shipping Rates

We have negotiated the best shipping rates with all our shipping partners. Now you can compare rates before you ship, or you can select 'ship with the cheapest' in your admin area so we can always select the cheapest on your behalf and ship to you.

Multi Shipping Addresses

With ShopiniWorld you can select multiple shipping addresses for your packages. Gifting and surprising the ones you love have become very easy and full of joy. We can add your gift card if you wish.

Package Repacking

We will at ShopiniWorld, remove all packing materials and re-pack your items- at your request- so you can pay for the items weight only. We will remove unnecessary packaging materials so you can pay at the best shipping rates possible. This is based on your subscription type.

Package Consolidation

We love to consolidate all your packages so you can benefit from better discounts applied on heavy shipments. We will consolidate all packages we receive from different retailers in one package. Can you imagine the discount you usually gain from shipping heavy weights ?

Great Package Care

We will take care of all your packages upon arrival into our warehouse and make sure they are safe and sound before shipping. We will communicate with you in case of any challenge and make sure you are protected at all times.